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Background & Experience

      My name is Jeffery D. Sims, and Beyond Words! represents my 20 years of personal freelance grant proposal writing and advising at it's best.  Writing is my full-time passion, my life, and what I do. Working with a researcher, I offer the most professional cost-effective services in the area of writing proposals, without the enormous business expenses and overhead costs that are traditionally passed on to customers by more high-profile service providers.  You are not subsidizing big money advertisement campaigns; over-the-top websites with flashy graphics, bells, and whistles; a large office building brimming with overhead, or paying for commercials and/or endorsements; we are mostly a word-of-mouth service. Hence our focus is simply on research and writing.  


     My training began under the tutelage of a nonprofit professional back in 1990, putting my both my passion for writing and my desire to be involved in social change to practical use.  After co-writing my first grant after a year, I soon started writing small grants for individuals, followed by grants for organizations.  During that time, I supplemented my skills during both my undergraduate and graduate education while continuing to provide quality grant writing to those seeking my services. 


     In addition to writing proposals, I maintain an active presence in both printed periodicals as well as internet blogs, informing Americans on issues of significant political, social, and economic relevance (See links below).


Other Associated Work/Sites